Thursday, July 16, 2015

Desk Style

Whether it's in the office, cubicle, or dorm room, a desk is probably the place 90% of my work gets done. At school, I decorated my desk area with a little bulletin board, lamp, pictures, etc. At my internship this summer, I haven't been so stylish. I have a Vanderbilt pennant, but that's about it. Since I'm only here for a few more weeks, I'm not super motivated to bring in a bunch of cutesy stuff now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't! Next summer, I'll definitely be putting personal touches on my desk wherever I intern.

This is sort of a "dream desk" with everything I think is cute and functional for a desk. Because I'm not super good at making collages yet, it looks a little cluttered, but in real life I think it's really important to have a clear surface to work on. I spend my last few minutes at work every day cleaning up and putting everything away. It's so much nicer when I walk in the next morning and don't have a mess waiting for me.


Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Sign:: How fun is this?! I think it's so cute if you're in a cube. It also has chevron on the yellow part that you can't see in the little picture I have. It's a printable, so you can get it right now and hang it up! I have my own "room" (it isn't really an office but I am enclosed) at this internship, but last summer I was at a bank of desks with all the interns. Maybe next year!

Business Card Holder:: To be honest, I'm so excited to be a tour guide at Vandy because you get a really cool magnetic nametag and your own business cards! I'm such a nerd. If you're further along in your career than I am, or already have business cards, it's obviously a great idea to have them out on your desk. What I love about this business card holder is that it has design to it and is a little girly, but isn't too crazy for your office. It is still definitely professional.

File Folders:: A Kate Spade classic. These are pretty and will help you keep everything organized. Gold stripes look a lot nicer on your desk than a stack of papers!

"Don't Steal My Pencil" Pencils:: SO fun! Love the pink color and the engraved Clueless quote. If you know a fan of the movie starting her first job, I think this would be such a fun "just because" gift to surprise her and give her a confidence boost!

Owl Lamp:: One of my favorite items on my desk at school was a little table lamp I bought at Hobby Lobby. It was nice to have a softer light source if I was reading and a lamp just makes your desk feel homier. This lamp from World Market has a cute little owl on the base, which I think is a great way to have a little fun but stay professional. At $24, it's definitely a wise choice. (#sorrynotsorry for that pun)

Plant:: My room at my current internship has no windows, so I think a little plant would be a great way to perk up my desk and get more life in the room. I love the geometric wooden pot that this store has, and it includes the plant so you don't have to worry about buying one somewhere!

Water bottle:: My #1 must have on my desk. I'm a big believer that if you have water accessible, you will drink it. I bring my Camelbak every day and drink it in the car and while I'm working. I can fill it up easily at our water cooler and stay a little bit healthier. 

Do you have a desk essential that I left out? Let me know!


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