Friday, July 17, 2015

Sprinkle Cake

In high school, I was definitely always a "stress baker". All my classes would want to have parties at the end of the semester right before finals. While I should have been studying, instead I was whipping something up in the kitchen to distract myself from all my schoolwork anxiety.

At college, I didn't have access to a full kitchen or baking supplies for most of the year. Now that I'm home with my full kitchen, I'm excited to be baking again and trying out new recipes! 

I have always loved sprinkles and my best friend, Jenni, can attest that I used to eat plain sprinkles straight up-- not on a cookie or cupcake or anything! I was so inspired by the beautiful sprinkle cakes on Pinterest that I knew I had to make my own. 

After reading a bunch of food bloggers' suggestions on how to get the sprinkles on the cake, I jumped in. The rolling method definitely wasn't going to happen and simply placing the sprinkles on wasn't working. 

Then, inspiration hit. Jenni and I used little baby spoons to shovel the sprinkles and splat them on the cake. Be warned: you will get sprinkles all over whatever your cake is sitting on. It's ok! 

All things considered, I think this was a fun way to mix it up with a boxed cake mix! 

Have a great weekend!


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