Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Whether you're celebrating with your dad, grandpa, uncle, or someone else, have a great day!

My dad has requested two things for Father's Day: a family croquet game and that we all play in the pool together. It's the first official day of summer and the weather is absolutely beautiful, so I'm more than happy to be outside!

Growing up, we used to joke that my dad only had one lecture: the Peer Pressure Talk. Whenever my brother or I were getting ready to leave the house, he would launch into this speech about peer pressure and we would roll our eyes. We turned out ok though, so I guess it was pretty effective :)

My dad's other favorite topic is talking about his high school days in shop classes. If we got good report cards, National Honor Society, or any other academic honor, my dad loved reminiscing about his high school classes- wood shop, auto shop and metal shop.

Today's weekly inspiration is a line from my dad's Peer Pressure Talk. Even as a college student and young adult, peer pressure still exists. While it's not the pressure to smoke and do drugs (#tbt to DARE), there's definitely pressure from friends to act a certain way, get a good internship/job, etc.

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