Thursday, June 11, 2015

Loft Sale

Loft is one of my favorite stores for professional clothes. It's not too expensive and they blend trends with classic pieces really well. My first memory of Loft is shopping in the store with my best friend trying to find something to wear for the first day of our sophomore year of high school. She picked out this really cute purple tank, but then it was dry clean only so her mom made her take it back! Keep that in mind if you don't want to pay for dry cleaning!

One of my favorite purchases from Loft is a red scalloped dress that I bought to wear for sorority formal recruitment. It was perfect for the occasion and can be worn to a ton of different events. It will have it's own post sometime :)

Right now, they're doing $25 off of dresses and skirts and an additional 40% off of clearance! Their prices are pretty reasonable to begin with, and the sale on clearance allows some really good deals.

Here are some of my favorites

Primary Image of Striped High Waist Sailor Pencil Skirt

In light of my post yesterday about how much I love pencil skirts with dress shirts, this skirt has a nautical twist that would look cute with a gray chambray button up if you work in an office that isn't too formal. If you're looking for something more neutral, there's also a navy version available here.

Primary Image of Doubleweave Pencil Skirt   Primary Image of Blossom Doubleweave Pencil Skirt

This sale has a lot of pencil skirts, from basics, like this slate gray one that would transition easily to any season, to this fun floral skirt that you could pair with a brightly colored or pastel top.

Primary Image of Pinwheel Circle Skirt

If you're not as into pencil skirts as I am, there are options for you, too! This circle skirt has a fun "pinwheel" pattern and you could easily take this skirt into fall or even winter with a pair of black tights. 

Primary Image of Eyelet Stripe Flare Dress

This dress is a beautiful color and features eyelet detailing that's really big this summer. You could definitely spice it up with a statement necklace or add a blazer or cardigan. 

Primary Image of Abstract Zebra Cap Sleeve Dress

I love that this dress is an homage to zebra print without being over the top. It's definitely a grown up, classier version of an animal print. Especially if your office is more creative or you want your outfit to be memorable, this dress will leave an impact. While I love the zebra now, I can see myself getting tired of it quickly, so consider yourself and your personal style before buying. (But besides, it's on sale!)

Primary Image of Metallic Braided Necklace

Loft's sale section has more fantastic skirts, dresses, and tops, but since I advocate for statement necklaces so often, I wanted to give an example. This necklace is trendy (braided) and will look nice with various dress colors (like the teal one above!). It's important to find a necklace for the workplace that isn't too much-- for example, this necklace doesn't have big rhinestones and sticks to a classic gold color.

Here's to loft-ing ourselves above the competition!


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